The Landing Place Mobile Unit visits local schools

January 21, 2022
The Landing Place is currently looking for community support to help us fulfill some of our wishlist items (see below). We have been taking the TLP Mobile Unit to area schools during lunch time to help meet the needs of our youth. They are able to come outside and take any sort of items they may need: winter gear, clothing, shoes, socks, toiletries/hygiene products, snacks, etc. The Mobile Unit has given youth the opportunity to reconnect with us or get to know what we’re all about!
The “most currently urgent needs” listed are items that have been requested by youth during these visits. We have a high turnover of goods at The Landing Place, which we love because it means the youth are getting what they need! As fast as items come in, they are quickly put back into the community via the Mobile Unit and trips to our Free Store at 61 Park Street, Rockland. If you would like to donate any of the items on our wishlist, we are available to receive donations on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 10am-2pm. You can call ahead (207-691-6240) to confirm that staff is available to meet you. Thank you for being part of our community!
The Landing Place (TLP) Wish List Winter 2022
● Cold weather clothes: gloves, hats, warm socks, fleece jackets, hoodies, snow gear, snow boots
● Water bottles
● Blankets
● Hand warmers
● Yoga mats
● Fidgets/manipulatives (stress balls, playdough, spinners, etc)
● Clean underwear and socks
CLOTHING – For boys/young men and girls/young women between the ages of 11 and 21 (middle school, high school, and young adults) of all sizes, but especially extra large sizes since these sizes seem to consistently be much more difficult to find. Please note that due to COVID-19, The Landing Place can only accept clothing that has either been newly purchased or recently laundered.
● Cotton underwear, undershirts, and socks
● Sports bras & regular bras
● Warm (smart wool) socks & thermal underwear (tops & bottoms)
● Fleece Jackets
● Flannel Shirts
● Quality Work Boots (especially extra large and wide sizes)
● Pull on boots
● Uggs/Bear Paws
● Bogs/Muck Boots
● Jeans & Cargo Pants/Shorts
● Dresses & Skirts
● Winter Hats & Gloves
● Rain Jackets & Rain Pants
● Winter Jackets
● Quality Snow Boots
● T-Shirts
● Sneakers
● Joggers & Sweatpants
● Leggings & Yoga pants
● Hoodies (pullover & zip)
● Dress shirts, pants, jackets, ties
● Dress skirts & outfits
● Dress shoes & socks
● Bathing suits, sandals, and flip-flops
● Pajamas & Slippers
● Jewelry
COUCH-SURFING & CAMPING GEAR – Some of this gear will be preserved and reused as part of our on-site and off-site programming at The Landing Place and some will be given away as needed to clients. Please note that due to COVID-19, The Landing Place can only accept blankets and sleeping bags that have either been newly purchased or recently laundered.
● Fleece Blankets
● Bed Comforters
● Sleeping bags
● Sleeping pads
● 3-4 Season Tents with all working parts, rain flies, and ground cloths
● Tarps
● Parachute cord / Rope
● Bungee cords
● Medium-sized duffle bags / waterproof plastic totes
● Backpacks
● Duc(k)t / Gorilla Tape
● Propane camping stoves and lighters
● Outdoor cooking gear
● Water Bottles and Water Jugs
● Contractor trash bags
● Smaller garbage bags
● Headlamps/Flashlights/Battery Lanterns
● Batteries (AA & AAA / C & D)
● Baby Wipes/Face Wipes
● Rubbermaid bins
● Reusable grocery store bags and plastic bags with handles
● Water Bottles
● Cloth Masks
● Bicycles
● Skateboards
● Scooters
● Helmets & Locks
● Guitars
● Ukuleles
● Art Supplies
● Sketch Pads
● Pencils & Pens
● Bean Bag Chairs
● Body Wash
● Hairbrushes, Scrunchies, and Hair Ties
● Bath Towels & Wash Cloths
● Wet Wipes/Baby Wipes
● Nail Clippers
● Beach Towels
● Rakes & Shovels
● Wheelbarrow
● Buckets & Baskets
● Quality Kitchenware & Cookware
● Yoga Mats
● Cell phone chargers
● Cell phone protective cases (i.e. Otter Boxes)
● Ear Buds
● Legos
● Sturdy Plastic Hangers
● Portable Clothes Hanging Racks
● Ice Skates & Hockey Skates
● Hockey Sticks
● Snow Sleds
PANTRY FOOD – Made available on-site to youth participating in our drop-in center, case
management, transitional living programs, and delivered to families as needed throughout the
Midcoast. Based on our community outreach efforts over the course of the past four years, the
following items have consistently proven to be among the most popular and frequently
● Chicken Noodle Soup
● Minestrone Soup
● Tomato Soup
● Canned Beans
● Beef Stew & Chili
● Pasta & Sauce (ideally not the government issued kind)
● Ramen Noodles
● Peanut Butter & Jelly
● Flour Tortillas
● Kraft Mac-n-Cheese
● Instant Mashed Potatoes (ideally not the government issued kind)
● Tuna & Mayo
● Saltine Crackers
● Brand Cereals
● Fruit Snacks
● Fruit Bars
● Granola Bars
● Pretzels
● Goldfish
● Mixed Nuts
● Microwave Popcorn
● Healthy Snacks

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