The Landing Place seeks Take Away Supper support in the new year

December 23, 2021

We are currently looking for community support to help us continue our Take Away Suppers program at The Landing Place (TLP) in the new year! Below is a list of the dates and meals that we are still hoping to have fulfilled. If you’ve previously donated a warm Take Away Supper to TLP then you know how much we appreciate the support! The youth love getting a home cooked meal. Happy holidays to you and your family!

If you are interested in signing up for one or multiple meals, please email Shannon Shimer at and simply indicate which date(s) you are interested in donating a meal. If more than one individual or group signs up for the same supper then I will do my best to troubleshoot a Plan B accordingly. I’ve assigned the recommended number of portions in brackets beside each supper below. (e.g. “Shepherd’s Pie (24)” means 24 servings of Shepherd’s Pie) If possible, it would be super helpful if suppers could arrive pre-packaged in sturdy containers. Imagine a middle-schooler trying to carry supper home on a bus 🙂 However, no worries if it is not possible to pre-package food ahead of time. TLP staff can always transfer delivered food into take away containers upon arrival.

1/6 – Hot Dogs & Beans (24)
1/11 – Chicken & Rice (40)
1/25 – Mac-n-Cheese (40)
3/17 – Chicken & Rice (24)
3/22 – Burritos (40)
3/24 – Pizza (24)
3/29 – Subs & Chips (40)
3/31 – Hamburgers & Fries (24)
4/7 – Hot Dogs & Beans (24)
4/12 – Tacos (40)
4/14 – Chicken & Rice (24)
5/5 – Subs & Chips (24)
5/10 – Shepherd’s Pie (40)
5/17 – Chicken & Rice (40)
5/19 – Tacos (24)
5/26 – Burritos (24)
5/31 – Spaghetti (40)
6/2 – Subs & Chips (24)
6/14 – Tacos (40)
6/23 – Hamburgers & Fries (24)


  • Please consult the Food Safety Basics/recommended best practices shown below to encourage food safety for our participating youth and families.
  • Meals will need to be delivered between 10am and 12pm on the scheduled day at 61 Park Street, Rockland. This is a different time than before because we’ve changed our programming for the winter months. Food needs to be parceled out in individual meal servings

We greatly appreciate your support of The Landing Place and the youth and families of Midcoast Maine. We could not continue on our mission of providing compassionate and comprehensive care without your help.


  • To ensure food safety for our youth and families:
  • Package foods in single-serve containers*
  • Keep food in safe temperature ranges (<40˚F or >140˚F)*
  • Wear gloves, hairnet/hat, and apron when preparing*
  • Avoid cross contamination; clean all surfaces, cutting boards, dishes, and utensils thoroughly
  • Cook meats to minimum internal temperature recommended by the CDC

BONUS! If you are able:

  • Train all volunteers in food safety through Cooking For Crowds, ServSafe, or Good Shepherd Food Bank
  • Prepare foods in a commercial kitchen
  • Provide a list of ingredients for the food you are donating

*TLP is happy to provide the necessary supplies including takeout containers, thermometers, gloves, hairnets, and aprons.

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