Advocacy Alert | Dirigo Business Incentive Program and Pine Tree Development Zone Program are at risk!

June 2, 2023
The Maine State Chamber issued an Advocacy Alert this week with the following message:

Economic development programs for Maine businesses are at risk and we need your help! Please call or email members of the Appropriations Committee and legislative leaders and ask them to vote to support the Dirigo Business Incentive Program in L.D. 258, the Governor’s change package.

Here’s why:

Dirigo is important because it modernizes the PTDZ Program which is what legislators wanted.

Dirigo is simple, it provides an income tax credit for workforce training and capital investment, two very important issues for Maine businesses.

If the Legislature does not pass Dirigo, or does not vote to extend the Pine Tree Development Zone Program (PTDZ), PTDZ will end this December and the business community will have no incentive program at all.

If Dirigo passes, businesses will have a choice – they can stay in the PTDZ or choose Dirigo.

While Dirigo has received initial unanimous support from the Legislature’s IDEA committee, the Legislature still needs to fund it.

That’s where the Appropriations Committee comes in and where we need your help!

Please contact the following legislators and leadership and urge them to support Dirigo and the PTDZ program!

Appropriations Committee

Sen. Peggy Rotundo, phone, 287-1515,

Sen. Jill Duson, phone, 287-1515,

Sen. Richard Bennett, phone 592-3200,

Rep. Melanie Sachs, phone 299-6825,

Rep. Jessica Fay, phone 415-4218,

Rep. Benjamin Collings, phone 405-7865,

Rep. Ann Matlack, phone, 594-4831,

Rep. Rebecca Millet, phone, 415-3770,

Rep. Drew Gattine, phone 409-3477,

Rep. Sawin Millett, phone 592-5398,

Rep. John Ducharme,

Rep. Mark Blier, phone 712-5705,

Rep. Nathan Carlow, phone 929-0895,

Legislative Leadership

Senate Democrats ?phone 287-1515

Senate President Troy Jackson, 287-1500,

Senate Majority Leader Eloise Vitelli, 443-4660,

Assistant Majority Leader, Mattie Daughtry, 370-9871

Senate Republicans phone 287-1505

Senate Republican Leader Trey Stewart, phone, 287-1505,

Assistant Republican Leader, Lisa Keim, phone, 562-6023,

House Democrats phone 287-1430

Speaker of the House Rachel Talbot Ross, phone, 200-1226,

Majority Leader Maureen Terry, phone, 712-9735,

Assistant Majority Leader Kristen Cloutier,  807-1637,

House Republicans phone 287-1440

Minority Leader Bill Bob Faulkingham, phone 460-6967,

Assistant Minority Leader Amy Arata, phone 333-1817,

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Linda Caprara, VP of Advocacy at the Maine State Chamber, at

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